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Fidelio Real Estate is a full-service, real estate asset management company in Greece that offers a wide range of real estate consulting, asset management, valuations and disposition services. Our clients consist of national and international real estate owners, private investors, mortgage services, home builders, financial institutions

Residential Real Estate

We provide a wide range of residential real estate services for investors and developers. 'Clients and Projects' are at the core of our residential offering and we have assembled a team of best in class residential market professionals to help our clients navigate through an evolving and ever changing property market. Our unparalleled experience and global reach mean we can bring together the right people to ensure every project is a success and can manage the entire process. Our expert team posses the knowledge and experience to maximize the success of our clients.

Commercial Real Estate

Whether you are entering the Greek Real Estate market for the first time or have a well-established presence, if you are looking to invest, buy, sell, let or rent, we know who to connect you to. Using the latest market trends and forecasts, from our dedicated Research team, we can advise on leasing or acquisition for a development project, or the repositioning of an asset or portfolio.

Exclusive Properties

Although many investors think that a property is an opportunity if it is sold at a cheap price, a property that is not widely known has more value. Our database, with unique properties that do not exist anywhere else is one of the unique advantages.

Real Estate Project Management

We believe that providing service to our customers, whether they are buyers or property owners, should cover all their needs and not just a simple property suggestion. For this reason we provide specialized partners who can help you in all stages of buying or selling a property. From collecting the necessary supporting, legal and technical advice to loan approval

Foreign Retirees/Golden Visa/High-Net-Worth Individual Regime

In an effort to attract high-net-worth individuals, or foreign retirees, an “alternative taxation” of foreign-source income earned by individuals (and/or their relatives) who transfer their tax residence to Greece is introduced. Our specialized department offers complete solutions in both programs including issuance of Golden Visa.

Real Estate Financing

Having funded small and large projects from the energy sector to hotel industry, we know who, how and with whom we will work together to secure either initial funding or restructure existing loans from Greek or European banking institutions.


Our Vision

The provision of personalized real estate services that cover the full range of needs of our customers.


Our Scope

To become the leading Real Estate company in Greece, which will stand out for providing customizes and personalized services that meet the needs of our customers


Our difference

Our first and foremost job is to understand our customers. Whether they are buyers or sellers, we must first understand their needs, their fears, we must see their vision. Once we have achieved this, we provide solutions based on reality and honesty. This is also a recipe for every successful investment in Real Estate

“Owning a home is a keystone of wealth, both financial affluence and emotional security!”

Suza Orman

Our specialιzation

Having smart software systems we combine complex searches bringing the ideal property quickly. 

Taking advantage of the wide network of contacts both at home and abroad, we immediately find both buyers and sellers of real estate.

Knowing as much as possible our customer, we create a holistic approach, which covers the full range of his needs

Who we are

Professionals in the field of real estate covering the full range of services..

How we work

We study the needs of our customers in depth and offer sustainable and integrated solutions

What we do

We research, we train, we learn, we suggest, we help.

What we offer

Personalized and complete solutions for finding and managing real estate.
"Just as every person is different, so every property is different.”

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

our team of experts are here for you

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